Thursday, June 1, 2017


You Are the Church

June is our month to challenge Canyons to be the church Jesus wants us to be!

Chicken Church?

Have you seen the church in Florida they call "the Chicken Church? No church wants to be called "Chicken Church." The church is called "the Chicken Church" not because the people are afraid to step out in faith, but because the tower on their building looks like a chicken. Check it out online and come on Sunday and I will show you pictures. Some architect must be in trouble or...maybe it was just a gimmick.

All Christian churches should be called "Church Unlimited!" Last weekend, Dixie and I visited a church called "Church Unlimited" in Corpus Christi, Texas. Great church with a great name. Because we are the church and because the church is the body of Christ and He is the head and power of the church, we are "unlimited!" Jesus said the church was His and even death and the grave could not stop His church - CHURCH UNLIMITED.

In June, we will continue our study of and our challenge to the church (Ecclesiology). Canyons has never been a "chicken church" and we continue to be committed to being a "church unlimited." Join us as we share about renewing and rebuilding this body of Christ. It will take "grit and grace" to step into the unlimited power of Jesus Christ.

Be Salt in Salt Lake,

Thursday, May 4, 2017

National Day of Prayer

Pray for our nation and our church

May 4, 2017 is the National Day of Prayer

Pray First...Pray Always

Today is the day we are challenged to pray for our country. It is our National Day of Prayer. I know we would all agree - our country needs prayer. At the national level, decisions are being made that could determine our health care, how much we pay in taxes and even whether our giving to Canyons and others ministries is tax deductible. I know my tithes and offerings are given for the Lord not for the deduction, but those tax deductions do help many people. So, pray for our nation, its leaders and the decisions they will make. Pray for our leaders at every level of government.

More importantly, pray for a revival in America. We need a third Great Awakening. Our nation needs to wake up to the work God can do. The real change in lives is not the change government can make, but the change only God can make! We spend billions of dollars trying to reform and transform our society; hoping for a better America. Beyond all of those programs, Jesus is the answer! Pray for the reformation and transformation only Jesus can bring.

Pray for Canyons Church and other churches committed to share with our community and the world the answer to its needs... JESUS. Canyons needs your prayer support. Pray for our ministry and stick in there with us as we fulfill our vision: To see Jesus change lives by His grace and truth one person at a time. PRAY!

Being Salt in Salt Lake,

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Debt Free

Debt Free Sunday

April 23, 2017

We are celebrating having made our last payment on our Family Life Center loan and being debt free.

Note Burning

Dave Ramsey (on his Financial Peace University radio program) has people call in and give a "we are debt free" scream. They are excited to be out from under the burden of debt and enjoying the freedom which comes from being debt free. Canyons is going to celebrate that freedom this Sunday! I pray you will join us at 9:00 am for a breakfast pot luck fellowship in the "debt free" Life Center fellowship hall. Then in the service at 11:00, we will celebrate and burn the note. I will ask those who served on the building team to join in the note-burning activity.

We called the building ministry "Two Buildings One Foundation" because we not only built our Family Life Center, but we also built a ministry center in India. We gave almost $100,000 for the orphanage, seminary, and church building in Bangalore, India. Together both ministries cost about $1,450,000...but now we are "debt free."

We have never had an overwhelming debt on any of our buildings. Our $400,000 debt and the necessary payments made up about 4 to 5 percent of our entire budget. God has richly provided for His ministries at Canyons. We have sought to be good stewards and God has been faithful...and so have you! We now look to the future and know that God has not finished with Canyons. We will look back Sunday, but we will be focused on God's plans for Canyons' future.

If you know people who have been a part of this building ministry, please invite them to come and join us Sunday. See you Sunday at 9:00 am in the Family Life Center.

Be Salt in Salt Lake,

Monday, April 10, 2017

Easter Sunday 

Amazing Grace

Invite your friends, neighbors and family to be your guests at Canyons this Easter and together experience God's amazing grace.

Mr. Grace

Jesus could be called Mr. Grace. The Bible teaches us in the first chapter of John's gospel (1:14-17) that Jesus was not only full of grace (and truth), but that grace was revealed in Jesus. Jesus was Mr. Grace. From the fullness of the grace of Jesus, we receive grace and more grace. The Easter message of salvation (the cross and the resurrection) cannot be separated from grace. On the cross, Jesus paid in full the price necessary for us to be offered the free-gift of salvation by grace through faith. Grace alone! Faith alone! Christ alone!

I encourage you to join us this Easter Sunday as we celebrate God's amazing grace. Please, INVITE your friends, neighbors and family to be your guests. Many of them are only waiting for you to invite them. They will experience a celebration focused in music and message on grace and the difference God's amazing grace can make not only in eternity, but also in their lives here and now.

Join me in praying for Easter Sunday. We are sending out invitations to our newest neighbors around Canyons and we pray that they will join us on Easter Sunday. There is power in prayer and there is power in inviting. Please do both this week and we will see you on Easter Sunday. Jesus is alive!

Be Salt in Salt Lake,

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Super Chili Bowl Sunday

Christianity Is Christ

Super Bowl Sunday is a super day to glorify Jesus Christ.


I enjoy Super Chili Bowl Sunday! I am competitive! My effort to make the best chili is always enjoyable to me, but the best part of the day is the fellowship time after the service. Food and fellowship go together and this Sunday we will have both. Remember this year we are running a reverse...women are making the chili and men are baking the desserts. Women, it is your chance to outdo the men. The chili contest winners will win a Chili's gift card. your best and you might win a Kneaders Bakery gift card.

Super Chili Bowl Sunday is all about glorifying Jesus.  On a day when the excitement of the Super Bowl football game between New England and Atlanta (and commercials) sweep across America, we want to glorify Christ. We join the football frenzy, but our focus is Jesus. We will continue our Faithology study and continue our effort to better understand our Christian faith. This Sunday we will focus on Christology - understanding the person and work of Jesus Christ.

Someone said: Christianity is Christ! They are right. Everything about our faith should point to Jesus. We are Christ-followers. We are His disciples. Who is Jesus? We will answer that question this Sunday.  Hope to see you Sunday.

Grace and truth,
Pastor Mike 

Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Understanding Our Christian Faith

Theology is about knowing God...not just knowing about God. 


This week in our Faithology study, we will move into the "ology" called "theology" - the study and understanding of God. I want to help you know more about God, but I pray I can also help you get to know God better. Practical theology is about "Knowing God" and having a personal and close relationship with Him.

I remember a song titled My God Is Real. Dixie used to pound that song out on the piano (and I do mean pound). God is real and He has revealed Himself to us. God determined to let us know Him and we must determine to know Him better. My God is real!

This Sunday is Sanctity of Human Life Sunday. I always pray for women to choose life. This week we will pray for those making life choices to choose life. Because our commitment goes beyond just giving out good advice, this week we will distribute the baby bottles for the Pregnancy Resource Center's fund drive and show our concern with our resources.

The Super Chili Bowl is coming up in a few weeks. This year we are "running a reverse." Women will make the chili and men will bake the desserts. Super Chili Bowl Sunday has always been one of my favorite Sundays. Good food (?) and good fellowship! See you Sunday.

Grace and truth,

Thursday, December 1, 2016

The Purpose of Christmas

A Time of Celebration

Christmas should be a celebration of the incarnation...God became flesh and dwelt among us.
Should a Christian Celebrate Christmas?

We probably all know Christians who do not celebrate Christmas. They look back on the pagan roots of some of the Christmas traditions and believe they should not have anything to do with those traditions and Christmas. Although I can sympathize with them and understand their desire to stay away from anything they view as ungodly, I cannot join them in their commitment. I believe God is a God who recovers and sanctifies that which was lost. We are so far removed from those pagan roots and we have a more important task of making sure our Christmas and our traditions glorify God by celebrating Jesus.

God sent an angel to bring a message of "great joy" for everyone (Luke 2:8-10). Christmas is a time of celebration. We should celebrate with "mega joy" the incarnation of Jesus. John's gospel tell us that Jesus is Emmanuel which means God with us. God got down into our world, into our skin, into our shoes in Jesus' birth. That is a reason to celebrate! That is a reason for "great joy."  Of course, Bethlehem was just the beginning.

We will consider the Purpose of Christmas throughout the month of December.  Our text is Luke 2:8-11. We will seek to answer more clearly the question: Should a Christian celebrate Christmas? Join Canyons in our celebration and on Christmas Day we will celebrate the Lord's Supper and take you from the "Cradle to the Cross."

Grace and truth,